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Prenota il Pranzo delle Tue Festività :

- Menù Pasqua 2016

- Menù Pasquetta 2016


Menù Pasqua 2016


Menù Pasquetta 2016

Welcome Ristorante San Pietro Barisano

an imageSan Pietro Barisano Restaurant, of Vincenzo De Bonis, is located in a natural cave , dug in the tuff, in the heart of Matera, in the same build of the Residence San Pietro Barisano. From the balconyof the restaurant you can see the wonder of a landscape with a mix of a fairness full of contrasts, as Matera, town os Sassi is a really beautiful city, picturesque and impressive, reach in culture, as well Patrimonio Unesco. The beauty of the site reflects the inside of the restaurant in An evocative, elegant and characteristic environment where the guest can find all the comforts. The restaurant, with a centuries-old tradition of an authentic cuisine of the place of Sassi, offres to the many guests a large variety of choice. Our dishes, prepared above all with local products, offer quality and tasty food, that enhances the art of local cooking Inside, in a picturesque tuff structure, the restaurant keep a wine cellar with most local wines , carefully selected to offer our guests a wide choice of good local and national wines. The objective of San Pietro Barisano restaurant is to make your visit an unforgettable experience. The unique style of our cave and the variety of local tastes you will enjoy in our restaurant will cut out their own space among your most cherished travel memories. The restaurant, located in the heart of SASSI of Matera, (Rione San Biagio, 52/56 – Sasso Barisano) in the Lucania landscape, is a few minutes from the central square of the city, where on the 2nd of July we celebrate the protector of Matera with the rip of chariot (Madonna della Bruna), in a authentic and evocative crowd that raid the city.



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Info :+39 0835 34.61.91